Char-Broil Deluxe Electric Smoker

Char-Broil Deluxe Electric Smoker at a Glance

A top of the line smoker with front window, digital remote, and the option to set a timer or cook based on internal meat temperature (using included probe).  Also has a larger than average wood chip box, and side access for fat drip pan removal. This smoker offers all the options you could want, and that why its what I use myself!


I would classify this as the upper end of a mid range smoker with 725 sq inches of interior cooking space.  The Deluxe has 4 racks, and is big enough to feed a family or small party easily.


While this is Char-broils top in terms of features, they do make a larger version (1000 sq inches).  Price is currently around $200 so its a great quality for the price.


With all of the features offered this is a fun smoker to run. I often use the meat probe to cook to an internal temperature, instead of cooking for a period of time and checking for doneness.  The larger smoke box allows me to add chips  once and not have to open the door again.


Out of all the smokers I've used this is my favorite.  It cooks great, doesn't require much supervision and clean up is easy.  If you have the budget and are going to use your smoker more than a couple times a year this is the model to get.

The Good

Big enough to cook anything you want and tons of features.  Well constructed and thought out set up with larger wood chip box, easy to drain grease catcher.  Clean up is simple and I can fit all the parts into my dishwasher.  Overall the best smoker I have owned.

The Bad

Because there is a glass window in the front you can burn your self on the door, it gives off heat.  Also washing the glass every couple cooks can take some elbow grease.  If you don't want to deal with these issues Char-Broil does make a similar unit with a flat front.  The controls require you set a time, or internal meat temp, so read the instructions carefully. I have read in other reviews the remote has limited range, but it seems Char-Broil might have solved this since mine works fine from the kitchen about 20 feet away.

Why I Chose This Smoker

If you have been reading my website you know I love smoking meats for my family and friends.  I've used a few different rigs, including charcoal and propane and most recently electric.  This year I decided to up my game and get a high quality smoker.  My main criteria were that it had to be easy to clean, under $250 (or my wife would kill me), have a glass door, and water pan/wood chip box/easy grease draining.  My friend Bill has a Masterbuilt 40" that I really like, but was out of my price range.  After looking around I found this model from Char-Broil and I'm glad I did!

I've cooked almost everything on this rig lately.  I primarily use the included probe to cook for temperature on everything except ribs.  I love the heavy duty door latch, and have not had any issues with the remote connectivity.  While this is still in the mid-sized smoker range it would easily fit two largish turkeys.

  • Height: 32.5"
  • ​Width: 18"
  • ​Depth 16.5"
  • ​Weight 50lb
  • Number of cook racks: 4
  • ​Watts: 750
  • ​Temperature Gauge: Yes
  • ​Built in wood chip box
  • Has built in water pan

Other features: Remote control, internal temperature probe, glass door, heavy duty door latch, extra large wood chip box, 8.5 cup grease drip pan can be removed from the side, machine washable parts.

As with some other smokers, you will want to raise this up to make accessing the interior easy.  Char-Broil does sell smoker stands, but its just as easy to use cinderblocks to prop it up to a useful height.  


I've cooked ribs, brisket, a turkey and a bunch of other stuff in this smoker.  I would recommend reading the manual on the controls before you get started since the remote and temp settings aren't as intuitive as most of the reviews will have you believe.  You need to set a time, or internal temperature target before the unit will turn on.  While this thing does only have a 750 watt heating element the high quality double-wall construction allow it to quickly get up to temp and hold it.  The large wood chip box hold enough to smoke for 7 hours according to the Char-Broil website, I found its probably closer to 5 hours even when I soak the chips (which is still a long time), so there isn't a need to open the door during a cook.  Clean up is easy, the large drip pan works great and the side access means you could empty it during a cook without affecting the heat level inside (think brisket).  I can fit the racks into my dishwasher along with the other removeable/washable components.  Cleaning the front window does take some work, but that's the trade-off you make to be able to see inside.

Things I don't like:

This will be a short list.  Cleaning the glass front isn't fun, but if you want to have one its something you have to do.  I do wish I could set a temperature without a time limit, but its not a big deal.  In general I think Char-Broil has a winner here, and its the best smoker I've ever owned.

Fat tray

Here's a short video showing the Char-Broil Deluxe Electric Smoker in Action


If you are serious about smoking and don't want to spend a small fortune, this smoker would be my top choice.  The drawbacks are pretty minor, and it comes packed with useful features that you will actually use.  It built well and that means it will last a long time.  Check one out today, and start smoking tomorrow!

You could cook these yourself!

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